The spiritual side of Craftmanship

Hiera Techne (from the greek, hiera = sacred, and techné = art, technique) is the term used by Zosimos of Panopolis to describe his metallurgical and alchemical craft. He was an Artisan-Priest, living in a time where workshops and temples joined their efforts to know all of Nature, pursuing Science and nurturing the Spirit. Truly inspired, I made this space to share my researches, aimed at unearthing what’s left of this ancient tradition, where Hand, Mind and Soul are joined together.

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Paracelsus and Vulcan

This article is made with very few pretenses. I’m just reporting a quote from Paracelsus and some commentaries on this, that explain his conception of Vulcan. Readers of my blog knows that the Smith God is a central figure to this project. In the renaissance, due to the interests in

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Aeschylus’ Hymn to Prometheus

The hymn you will find just below is an adaptation from the Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus. In the mid of the tragedy, the chained titan remember all he has done for humanity, all the goods he has brought to the “wretched race of men” as Hesiod would say. I’ve adapted

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“The blacksmith’s hammer was the greatest moral conquest man ever achieved. With the hammer the destroying violence is turned into creative power. From the club that kills to the hammer that forges, is developed the itinerary that goes from the life of instincts to the greatest morality. The club and the hammer form the two parallel faces of evil and good.”

G. Bachelard