About me

A blacksmith at heart, a design student for choice, and a lifelong learner and researcher. I’ve no particular background in spiritual contexts, and for all my life I had an exclusively scientific view of life. Still, I stood there, questioning what I couldn’t see just beyond my sight, and a few years ago I decided to embark on this journey.

Shortly after my immersion into this path, I felt compelled to explore all the magical, spiritual and traditional lore related to blacksmiths. This “clicked” something, and today I’m still researching onto this field, walking this path of discovery as an academic researcher and a spiritual practitioner.

Still, I walk a path filled with doubt, constantly swinging between Science and Spirit, sometimes feeling like there’s nothing more than Physics, sometimes believing in the invisible world. And yet it’s this dynamic that’s motivating me to question both my Mind and my Soul, in search of a better truth about the World and the Self.

About the Project

Somehow it all goes back to the Benedictine motto “Ora et Labora“, Pray and Work. Through my research i’m discovering a long and rich tradition of spiritual practices connected to craftsmanship, and my goal is to bring back this holiness into manual labor.

I want to show and uphold the dignity of labor, and promote consciousness of it. Sadly, what is available is scattered and scarce. Craftsmen were often in the lower class of the population hence having fewer documents about their traditions, who were handed down orally. 

This project stand in the liminal place between spirit and science, and this will be my position. With a feet on each side. Science is what’s behind all the technical and practical problems, while Spirit is what moves my choices and my inner world.

This doesn’t mean this website is exclusive to believers. The path to self realization takes many forms and can be walked without faith or a metaphysical approach. My goal is to show the depth and richness of that class who, behind politics and religion, shaped through their hands the World as we know it today.