Paracelsus and Vulcan

This article is made with very few pretenses. I’m just reporting a quote from Paracelsus and some commentaries on this, that explain his conception of Vulcan. Readers of my blog knows that the Smith God is a central figure to this project. In the renaissance, due to the interests in classical mythology and alchemy, there […]

Aeschylus’ Hymn to Prometheus

The hymn you will find just below is an adaptation from the Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus. In the mid of the tragedy, the chained titan remember all he has done for humanity, all the goods he has brought to the “wretched race of men” as Hesiod would say. I’ve adapted this part of the tragedy […]

Hephaestian Prayer to the Dead


Today is the Day of the Dead in Italy. I’ve chosen to honor them through a prayer I composed that celebrate their struggle and work throughout their life. I wanted to recognize how we inherit from them the fruit of their works, and how one day it will be our time to leave our heritage […]

Eliphas Levi Prayer Of The Gnomes: A Craftsman Perspective

In this article I will analyze, line-by-line, Eliphas Levi’s Prayer of the Gnomes. It wont’ be an exhaustive an analysis. It will focus on those myths and pieces of lore that have a relationship with the world of Crafts.So the prayer is a pretext. In a future article, I will deal with this prayer in […]

Invocation to the Gnomes: A Prayer For Work

The Invocation and Prayer: Here I will talk about a prayer to the gnomes I use before every work, be it mundane, magical or craft. Let’s read it first: “I come to you, oh wonderful and ineffable geniuses! With blind faith and humble heart I entrust myself to your mercy.Guide my steps and actions ‘til the […]

Hephaestus: An Overview

We often hear about Hephaestus as the God of Fire and Smithing, but that is a reduction. We know just fragments about him, rooted in a period which is not it’s peak moment. So the aim of this article is to give a quite complete picture of Hephaestus. A picture aimed to show the richness and […]

First Books To Start

I chose to start by recommending two books to start going deep into this field. It’s been quite a few years since I started studying metal and his context. First I did it just for the purpose of enriching my blacksmith job, then, when my journey took a spiritual turn, I did it to further […]

Alchemy and Metallurgy: A Welcome!

a bronze statue related to alchemy and metallurgy

Hello fellow researchers and welcome to this space, where we’ll discuss of metallurgy, alchemy and their cultural traditions! I’m very excited and nervous to start this project, I have to admit it. I don’t have anything to “teach” in the proper sense. I’m still a student, and if you follow this page, this will be […]