Alchemy and Metallurgy: A Welcome!

a bronze statue related to alchemy and metallurgy

Hello fellow researchers and welcome to this space, where we’ll discuss of metallurgy, alchemy and their cultural traditions! I’m very excited and nervous to start this project, I have to admit it. I don’t have anything to “teach” in the proper sense. I’m still a student, and if you follow this page, this will be a journey for both of us.
My best hope is to look back at these first attempts and smile about their naivety. This will mean that I’m on a dynamic state of growth and progress, and hopefully, on the right path on becoming Gold.

A few words about alchemy, metallurgy and crafts

While the main focus of the website will be around alchemy and metallurgy as cultural and esoteric traditions, we will touch also other crafts: weaving, pottery, masonry and more.
Of course, since the cultural aspect of metal is central in this long journey, topics from the field of anthropology of technology, archaeometallurgy, and history of metallurgy will be covered. All this to understand how these elements entered into the culture and lives of our ancestors.
I really hope this space can be a place of exchange. I’ll try to be as active as I can in answering questions, if there is interest in a topic related to our field of inquiry, I may be inclined to accept requests for next posts.

Final disclaimer

Again, I’m no teacher and I’ve no degree on this subject. I’m an amateur researcher who’s trying to practice what is studying. I do this because I believe this can help people. This is why I’m trying to gather and glue together all the pieces. They are scattered in different times and books and fields of study. But I’ll do my best to form a general and clear picture.

In the meantime, be sure to check the About page to have a clearer grasp of what’s this project about.

As the metal, so the body.

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